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About Rocket Assembly

RA is mostly Cat Rocketship, but sometimes other people.

Once upon a time, Cat left her home in Nebraska and went to school to become a Professional Artist. School is where she learned that people with BFAs in Art make Serious Paintings about Sexuality and Death and Poverty and Race. Which Cat does.

But it's nice to make Less Cerebral but Also Lovely Art. And besides, Cat's secret dream has always been to be a tattooist, but her hands just couldn't take it. Cat loves tattoos and paintings with words in them and using sumi brushes to paint things that are a little simpler, and also more affordable.

And Rocket Assembly is where these things live.

Cat, herself, lives in Des Moines, Iowa, and is House Captain of a brick ranch built in 1956, in which her studio is nestled. She collects real tattoos, found notes, prefers to walk rather than drive, reads a lot, but balances that out with watching various children's television shows every day. Her husband works for a tech startup and her cat is lazy and won't get a job or even help with the dishes.

See also: Cat on Twitter, and Cat's blog about Art and Cat's blog about being a Hipster Housewife. Cat likes strangers.